3 Questions Before Selling Your House

1. How fast do I need to sell my house? 

This one is the most important decisions you should make… because this really determines the options you have. If you have lots of time… you have more options.

If you have little time… your options will be less… but you still have some great options.

If you need to sell in as little as 60 Days (or even less than that), you really don’t have time to find an agent to list your house.  You’ll have to sell the home yourself or sell your house to a local cash home buyer.

2. How much are you needing to sell your house for? 

Notice that above it says “how much are you needing” to sell it for.  If you want to sell your home for full retail… but you need to sell your home fast and can’t afford to list it with an agent… determine what you need to get out of your house when you sell it. Once you determine this then you will know what options you really have.

3. Should I make repairs

The first two questions are the real questions needed to move forward but once you decide which way you want to proceed then ask yourself the third question: Should I make repairs? Making repairs to the home will bring more money either way you decide to go.

If you have the time to make repairs along with the money needed to do so then repair as much as you feel needs to be done.

If you don’t have time and need to sell fast or if the cost of repairs is to much for you at this time then work around that. Cash home buyers in your area will be glad to buy the house from you at a fair market value plus most will pay all closing cost. You may take away a little less but you will walk away without the hassles or aggravation that comes with making repairs……IE contactors, bids, materials……ETC.

That will help you decide all your options for selling your home.

If the money you “must” get doesn’t leave much room for a real estate agents fees… then you may need to look at selling the house yourself or get an offer from a local real estate house buying company like us to see if we can get you closer to where you need to be.

There are plenty more questions when selling your home but these are the three that will determine the rest of the process. Answer these three then the rest will follow suit.

You can find many local cash buyers in your area by simply doing a search on google for “Cash Home Buyers” or “Sell My House Fast”. Make sure you ask for references and build a good report with the buyer you choose and make sure they can get you to the closing table when they say they can.