How to Sell Your Old Patek Philippe in London?

Are you badly in need of a large bulk of money? It is never a big deal to collect a fabulous sum of money if you own a Patek Philippe timepiece and live in London. You will have the most trusted options to sell, buy, or evaluate your Patek Philippe watches in London. Moreover, there are dealers in London who have been dealing antiques since last century and auctioning the same since online dealing has become the vogue. Hopefully, this how to sell your old Patek Philippe in London article will be handy for you.

Patek Philippe is one of the most reputed watchmakers known for independence, innovation, craftsmanship, tradition, quality, rarity, aesthetics, value, emotion, and service. So these ten values are not nominal for this family-owned independent Genevan watchmaker.

Therefore, London should be the best place to sell your worthy timepiece having an intermediary agency and experts to materialize a good deal between the seller and the buyer.

Where to Sell Your Old Patek Philippe watch?

Several Luxury Swiss watch experts work in the antique dealer houses in London. Your job is to find out the trusted dealer of this regard. They will do evaluate, sell, or buy your watch instantly. The evaluation will be done without any fee, and they will not keep any hidden fee for sale. And they will transparently fix the price for your timepiece. At the same time, you have two most-believed and popular options for selling and buying your valued possession at the best price – Reputed Dealer Houses as a Physical option and Online Auction Site. Here you go with the two.

Physical Deal

One of the most trusted and reputed antique watch dealers in London is Knightsbridge Watches & Jewellers. As one of the UK’s leading luxury expert house, it is always in search of ladies and men’s watches that features rare values said in the introduction. And what can be more dear to them other than Patek Philippe? They will save your time and money. Therefore, they will give you real value your watch worth, and they will complete the evaluation process instantly with a group of specialists ever ready to serve this purpose.

Why should you contact and believe Knightsbridge Watches in London?

Whether you share an expert level knowledge or a new enthusiast of luxury items, your first destination may be this second-hand watch dealer. This is the best prestige watch-house dealing for last 30 years with reputation. So far, this age-old watch dealer is specialized in selling, buying, and part-swapping of all Patek Philippe luxury watches. And they offer the highest price in the scene. You would contact them for the following reasons:

It is pretty easy and simple to sell and evaluate your Patek Philippe watch there.

They pay on the spot hand cash. And if you don’t want to receive a fabulous amount instantly and want to have the amount transferred. However, they have the facility to pay you over bank transfer.

They have a group of experts who are gems as they can appreciate the artistry, rarity, and complexity each timepiece stands for. This rare appraisal is free of cost as they will claim no fee if you do not agree with the price they offer.

They locate in a widely known are, and the showroom is justly situated at Knightsbridge opposite Harrods.

Moreover, they buy all types of watches these Geneva watchmakers produced. Merely the brand name Patek Philippe is enough to excite to make a good deal.

Online Deal of Patek Philippe: is an online auction house to sell if the antique has its value. You just need to register by hitting the register button on the site. Fill in the details they want through the course of filling up a form. They will also give free of cost estimation of anything you want to sell.

This is also as reliable and reputed as Knightsbridge and is on the rise regarding trusted auctioning of Patek Philippe timepieces. They have the record of selling items at a price higher than the owner has imagined. So the most reputed and searched after models of PP sold by them are Tour Moon and Sky billions earning the highest amount of price in an auction maintained by Soothes.

If you want to have your Patek Philippe collection estimated form an alternative group of expert that is international in stature, submit the detail of your watch online. If they deem it saleable globally, they will do everything including an auction appraisal estimate, property cataloguing, and marketing it to potential buyers.

Why does the Patek Philippe watch worth that much?

A suggestion is shot in the introduction why this family-owned watchmaker’s product is still so hot among the antique and luxury collectors. Now the question arises how those values are incorporated in a single showpiece or luxury piece. Meanwhile, it is the intricate design, engineering, and pain the manufacturer pay for that has made it worth the frenzy it has created.

Patek can claim itself to be the producer of the most intricate watchmaker in the world. The manufacturer went through 50-100 steps to give the dial the shape it is reputed for. However, this is not the end and Patek painstakingly devices their mechanism and components. For this, they deployed around 1000 expert employees. They spend 3 to 5 years to come out with a single end product.

How can you claim the highest Patek Philippe bid?

As already said, you can either take your Patek Philippe to Physical dealer house or submit the details online to get it justly estimated. Now you have to take care of your valued possession whether you preserve it or have a plan to sell it in need.

Carefulness involves keeping the documents and manufacturing boxes in an optimized condition. And you need to service your Patek Philippe and keep the servicing memo in a presentable format. Thus, how you can claim the best bid of your century-old Swiss timepiece.

Final Verdict

Both the option has their overwhelming selling rate of Patek Philippe products, and the proud record of selling a pocket watch is at a massive price of 7000000 Pound Sterling in 1999. Therefore, The credit for this wild amount goes to the online auction site Sotheby’s.

You can sell your Patek Philippe via the dealers in London, and you can log in the online auction house to see what the global estimation comes. Finally, you can have a bargaining position to hike the highest possible price for your valued Geneva timepiece. Never forget that estimation or evaluation in either medium is free.